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Baldilocks and the Three Dares is a campaign—and now book—inspired by Kira and all the fun and amazing kids I have met over the years through Dreamflight, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and SNAP (Special Needs Aquatic Program). The goal of this campaign is to inspire the rest of us to be a little more like these brave and generous kids while raising funds for the organizations that help change their lives.

For the past fifteen years I have had the honor and joy of working, playing, and generally goofing off with a group of incredible kids, all battling serious, chronic and life-threatening health issues. Baldilocks and the Three Dares is a labor of love, meant to honor the courage, compassion and endless sense of humor they display every day. Ideally, it will inspire the rest of us to be just a little more like them.


I was particularly moved by Kira, an amazing 13-year old girl in Edinburgh (Scotland) who loves WWE wrestling, doing a little “Lean and Dab” with friends, and who happens to be battling Neuroblastoma…for the second time. We met through Dreamflight, an equally amazing organization that takes kids with serious illnesses or disabilities on a ten-day journey of fun and self-discovery—one that pushes boundaries, empowers, and builds self-esteem.


I was so inspired by Kira, that I not only launched this campaign but decided to write and publish the book that's been rumbling around in my head for years.


Thus was born Kee, the feisty heroine of Baldilocks and the Three Dares (the book), who is about to embark on a journey somewhat similar Kira's—exploring foreign worlds, befriending strangers, and testing the limits of her resolve. Follow along as Kee and her gang of misfits—Kyle, Pinky and Noodles—are thrust into the dangerous world of Baldi, Rumblers, Lucky, and the rumored Dare formula. Will they survive…or even be found? The fate of the colony depends on it.


All proceeds from the sale of Baldilocks and the Three Dares, the book, go to the following children’s charities—Dreamflight (, MDA (, SNAP (, and Solving Kids Cancer (


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