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Kira, who turns 14 in June, is one of the bravest, most compassionate, and fun-loving humans you will ever meet…and who just happens to be in the midst of tackling a mean case of Neuroblastoma…for the second time. 

In pure Kira fashion, she deals with it by confronting each challenge head-on with determination, humor, and her infectious, ever-present smile. For example, instead of letting the effects of Chemotherapy dictate when and where her lovely locks would depart, she took control, shaved her head, and now proudly displays that beautiful, bald noggin for all to see…smiling the whole time.

If Kira can dare to take on the incredibly daunting challenges associated with cancer, the rest of us can certainly show our solidarity by taking on a few dares of our own. Thus was born the idea for a new children’s fairytale, “Baldilocks and the 3 Dares,” and this campaign on which it is based.

About The Campaign

Inspired by Kira, who is one of our amazing 2015 Dreamflight kids (they all are amazing by the way), we wanted to do more to provide support for those who are battling childhood cancer. What we came up with was a campaign that not only creates solidarity with cancer warriors, but hopefully inspires each of us to take on a fear or challenge in our lives with the same kind of resolve that Kira has shown.

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