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Share Dare

By far, the easist and most pain free of the three Dares,

Share is simply about 

creating connection with others.


Still unsure? Take the Share Dare Questionaire!

How this helps Kira

Creating new connections with friends and family (or even complete strangers) helps build community and shows Kira know that she - and the rest of us for that matter - are not alone. Life is a team sport. Share the ball.


How this helps you
Finding new and more interesting ways to reach out to those around us helps get that Oxytocin flowing, activating our bonding mechanisms. Bonding with others is a good thing...for you and for them!


Example Share Dares

Share Dares can be anything that you and another person are mutually interested in, from a physical goal (running a marathon for the first time) to conquering a fear (swimming, or getting on an airplane) to something much more personal, like confronting a difficult relationship or life choice.

  • telling a stranger about this campaign and what it means to you

  • taking a nice walk with someone new

  • reading a bedtime (or anytime) story—perhaps Baldilocks and the Three Dares, the book—aloud to a loved one

  • writing a pen and paper letter to a relative


Start by clicking the Share Dare Questionaire button

You can always come back and change your answers.

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