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Shear Dare

Possibly the most fun, terrifying, gratifiying, and unquestionably tangle-free of the three Dares, Shear is the epitome of solidarity.


Ready to lose some locks?

How this helps Kira

One of the many challenges in dealing with cancer is the feeling of helplessness and lack of control. Both the disease and the treatment cause changes to your body and do so at their own pace. One of those changes is the hair loss caused by chemotheraply. But one way for Kira to take some control back was to shave her head. She decides when the hair comes off, not the chemo. . 


Kira still had to go through the initial feeling of temporary identity loss, but at least she had some say in the process. There is a certain brotherhood or sisterhood among those who have shared in traumatic experiences together. Your choice to experience this Dare puts you squarely in the sisterhood of Kira and her traveling Baldilocks' . 

There is no better way to create instant solidarity than the experience of "shared shear trauma." 


How this helps you
Do not underestimate the degree of lasting joy - and yes, slight terror - you will feel from this seemingly selfless act. Like Kira, you too can take control by deciding when and where you will make the kind of gesture, for which, you will forever be proud. Shared trauma can forge one of the surest and strongest bonds that can be made with another human. And make no mistake, getting your head shaved can be traumatic.

Sometimes life can be intensely rewarding. This is one of those times.


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