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Shed Dare

Arguably the most difficult and personal of the three Dares,

Shed is about 

conquering a fear or obstacle that has prevented

you from achieving a goal. 


Still unsure? Take the Shed Dare Questionaire!

How this helps Kira

Like the other Dares, showing that you are willing to take on your own personal obstacle helps create solidarity with Kira. We are in the fight together. 


How this helps you
For you, this is about personal growth. There are countless boundaries - some real, some imaginary - that hold us back from doing things that we have always wanted to do or know would be rewarding for us. Here is your chance. Consider this the sign you have been waiting for!


Example Shed Dares

Shed Dares can be anything from a physical goal (running a marathon for the first time, to conquering a fear (swimming, getting on an airplane), to something much more personal, like confronting a difficult relationship or life choice.

  • running a marathon

  • skydiving

  • public speaking

  • telling someone how you really feel

  • changing jobs


Start by clicking the Shed Dare Questionaire button

You can always come back and change your answers.

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