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Happy Intl Children's Day - Be a Little Childish Today :)

Kira and her mum, Aud being the kids they are!

We all know or occasionally run into those individuals whose boundless energy, playfulness, imagination and innate ability to bring a smile to any room seem to defy reason. These strange beings are commonly referred to as "children"…and guess what, you just might be one!

Yes, I am a firm believer that the fun-loving kid in each one of us never really goes away, but is merely suppressed (much less so in some than in others) by the demands of real world life. Unfortunately there is an abundance of “real world life” to go around, from wars to diseases to whatever seems to be going on with this U.S. presidential election. The demands for and from our “adult” counterpart are strong. But it is at times like these when we need to tap into that youngster within and harness the combined power of both personalities.

Our abilities to engage our so called “inner child” – an innate, free-thinking, imagination and problem-solving machine – can not only help provide distraction and respite for those around us, but can shed light on possible solutions that would not occur to us otherwise. Stressful situations often restrict or even close off our abilities to think “outside the box” just at a time when we need the exact opposite. Childlike play, with its qualities of randomness and lack of reason, may be the very thing can shake-up the synapses and give your mind the break it needs to see and think more clearly.

So on this International Children’s Day, take the time to celebrate the child near, far, and within you. Be a little childish. It is that spirit of wonder and adventure, built into each one of us, which may be the very things that get us through the realities of “adulthood.”

#kira #internationalchildrensday #neuroblastoma #baldilocksandthe3dares

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