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The Hair Dare - a Shear Substitue for the Folically-challenged

Not much up top to shear? Still want to participate? This is your lucky day! Introducing the Hair Dare, the answer to all your Baldilocks participation problems.

The Hair Dare is simple. Instead of shearing off all those non-existent locks you used to cavalierly fling with abandon, your dare is to wear a wig for one week. That’s it. We supply the wigs – men’s, women’s, blondes, brunettes, rainbow – and you supply the bald, beautiful noggins.

Have fun with it. Make a statement. Try the mullet, the pirate, the Bieber, the Trump. Every time you leave the house, simply don your selected hair-hat for the day and proudly strut out into the world as that newly locked and loaded hero you are.

So to all those who've been keeping up with the Baldilocks campaign, wanted to participate, but with regards to the head shaving part, you are…let’s say, ahead of your time? No more excuses.

Do the dare. Be the hair.

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