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It's Shear Day Eve!

It feels like the day before a big holiday and I'm as giddy as a Thanksgiving turkey! Uh, wait....giddy as a Halloween pumpkin! No...giddy as 7-year old Norway Pine just before Christmas? Ah, never mind. The point is, I am giddy and can't wait for tomorrow!

Just to recap, here is a little tidbit of what is coming up...

First of all, William in Edinburgh kicked off the "season of shearing" with a beautiful June 12th shear. Thank you William!

Then yesterday, Michael, in Saar, Baharain...yes, Bahrain, did the traditional Shear Day Eve dying of his hair blue (Kira's favorite) before having his shear today! Woo hooo, Michael!

My brother-in-law, Eddie, from vacation in Cancun (tough life :), met the clippers. Still waiting for the "after" shot! :)

And of course there is a whole slew of activity happening on the 18th...

Miguel, firefighter extraordinaire, is shearing his head from a Muscular Dystrophy Camp in Portola, California where he is also a camp counselor. Go Miguel!

Bob, a fellow Dreamflight Donald Duck, is boldly donning a wig for one week starting tomorrow! Which reminds me, does anyone have a wig they would like to volunteer Bob to wear? :)

Ross, Murrayfield rugby star extraordinaire, is finally meeting the razor!

My brothers, Tom, Steve (and maybe my nephew Tanner "T-bone" pressure T-bone) will be having their own battles with the razor along side "Uncle Jim."

Colin, a fellow Masterworks Alumna, is shearing his young head from Northridge, California...go Colin!

Then there is Malcolm in the middle, another Masterworks singer, the fun-loving, always-up-for-anything tenor who will be shaving with me at Frank's Barber Shop...go Malcolm!

Dougie, parent of Ryan, an amazing and wonderful Dreamflight boy of ours from years ago, will be shaving his at the Dreamflight post Monopoly Run Tea Party. Wait a minute...are you sure there is something there to shear Dougie? :)

And of course two members of one of the bravest families I have ever had the pleasure to know, Kyle and Ronnie, brother and father of Kira, will have their own meetings with the razor. You guys are amazing!

And then there are our lovely ladies! Yes, we have two amazing ladies who have volunteered to go under the blade!

On July 1st, Michelle, from Edinburgh, will be chopping off that amazing head of hair she has spent so many years growing. Wow and thank you Michelle!

Then there is Natasha, also from Edinburgh...(there is something about those Edinburgh)..who will be meeting the shears on July 16th. Go Natasha!

And these are just the people I know about. I know there are also a lot of you waiting to make a big splash appearance the day of! We can't wait to share the shear with you!

So have a very happy Shear Day Eve everyone and see you tomorrow, woo hoo!

P.S. Yes, yes, I am getting mine shaved tomorrow too :)

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