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Take a Dare

Solidarity begins here.  Start with the Share Dare below!

Below are several ways you can not only provide solidarity with Kira, but also push yourself to grow and connect with others.


Yes, these may not all be things your are comfortable doing, but that is the point. Sometimes we just need a nudge to do the things that could help us the most.

When was the last time you tried something outside

your comfort 



Connect...really connect with someone

Find another human, near or far, and reveal something you find important, interesting, or just plain fun. 


Lose those locks

Emancipate those heavy,


character-restraining locks.

Then double your fun by nominating a friend (or enemy) to take the dare!


To steal from a popular princess...
Let it go!*

Arguably the most difficult and personal of the three, the Shed Dare is all about growth and pushing your own boundaries.

*No princesses were harmed in the stealing of this catch phrase. 

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